Adjust screen resolution [Fixed], plus 2 problems

Hello, afters days of coding my game is almost ready. I send few packs. apk for my friends for test but i have a problem and working on fix that.

On each phone there are gray block from left side, or up game window ( i think that game window not scale do device resolution )

There is a way to fix this, because i’m out of option atm.

I think i found solution, but i am not sure this will work all the times

At the beginning of the scene > Activate fullscreen: yes , and do not change size of window at settings project

Other problems i have and will be glad for tips:

  1. I want use “Reward video Add’s” to restore live’s of player but I want add also option that each 5min player get 1 live even .apk offline.
  2. How to save current player live left, because each time close/reopen .application players get’s full lives from global vari.

For any tips , thank you.