Admob dont show adds

I have correctly configured the two different keys of admob in gdevelop but it does not show me the ads, I do not have a payment method in admob but it does not allow me to set a payment method because I do not have a minimum to withdraw. any ideas?

Please refer to the Admob page on the wiki documentation, all case has been covered.

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Thanks for your reply boss but i did that tutorial twice and also i used the example with my admob codes and still not showing adds. I seen some people that solved adding a payment method but as i said i cant because admob forces you to have minimum income per month to add a payment.


If you have only recently set up admoh and your game, it can sometimes take time for the ads to appear in your games. My first time I had to wait about 12 hours before they started working. It’s a Google thing

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my account was created and aprobbed in 2019

also test mode in gdevelop its not showing any test banner. bugged?

Have you made sure to run it as an android build as instructed on the tutorial? As the name AdMob (Ad Mobile) suggests, the ads only work in mobile builds, not in other builds or on (remote or not) previews.


Ads should appear in menu but nothing is showing i created the add yesterday, i waited long time in the menu and ad dont load anyway.

send us an apk for testing, maybe there is no ads in your county?
I’m in France FYI.

Test apk made in gdevelop example admob project

I used the example project for test my ad codes theres the apk and what steps i did.


Its working with the example apk. That means that is my code wrong in my game’s projects? Can you check what i miss in my code?

Ok now i can see the ads in my game apk with the same code. Probably whats just a matter of time. I created the ads yesterday probably 24hours to activate?

Anyways thanks for your help and time and apologies its my first game and first time using ads.

Yes, the delay is still quite long and unknown, Ads are dependent on Google.
I’ve edited the wiki page to increase the time in the warning message.

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