Admob example confusion about Unknown or unsupported instruction and more [Solved]

Okay in the pc editor when I type admob in the examples and find the admob example Game, I create the project on my pc. When I open it I see many “Unknown or unsupported instructions” and it confused me. I thought maybe it’s tied to my GDevelop being reluctant to auto update as I mentioned in the other topic, and my older version does not have these instructions.

So I went to the admob page on the wiki so I could find the link to the example there and see if the online version showed me the correct instructions. But there I am even more confused as I see it only has 3 scenes in the project where the one I created as a project on my pc shows 5 scenes. Also it is not using a panel sprite button extension like the one on my pc. So I’m going to assume this is an older version.

So also in the browser I decided to go to search examples and type in admob and see if it showed the same project that the wiki links to and it does not. This version has 5 scenes and a panel sprite button extension like the one I created on my pc. Also it does show the “Uknown or unsupported instruction” correctly.

Does anyone know why my downloaded project is not showing lines like “User got the reward of the rewarded video (and clear this reward:no)”? Before I did all this, I did delete the entire project folder and recreate it in case it had just been some freak error in creating the project that left so many Unknowns.

Edit: I think I see why, I’m trying to install the new version manually and I see there are some release notes about this exact example so that must be why the Unknown lines are showing up for me.