Admob for child's app

Okay, hopefully this will be the last time I have questions about implementing Admob in my game lol.

I plan to put my game on google play and monetize it with admob, but the game is meant for all ages including children. Ever since the changes with COPPA, serving ads to children in any form changed and it’s not legal to simply pop ads into a game that kids will be playing.

So I found this -

I haven’t done any javascript coding in Gdevelop at all so I’m clueless about this sort of thing, and it’s very scary because it’s not like I can test it out and then see for myself if it works, because you obviously can’t view live ads when testing.

Does gdevelop have anything in place at all to help with getting ads set up in the family program? Or, could someone perhaps walk me through and maybe add screenshots of how script in gdevelop would look to get this set up? Like, I’m not even sure if their code example is even javascript or if it’s c++ or whatever, very clueless.

Realized that this is an option in admob. Does anyone know if this is sufficient. I see this mentioned nowhere in tutorials regarding being COPPA compliant.

COPPA is around monitoring, tracking, and targetting kids. Not just the type of ads being displayed.

Unfortunately, as far as compliance you’d need to dig into Admob’s more specific documentation. GDevelop’s admob events just links up with your admob account/connections and uses what is there, as far as I know, it doesn’t have control over said content.

Yes I think you’re totally right. I’ve been looking into this for a while now, and I think I might partially get it, so I’ll just say what I know in case someone else is confused by this later.

-If kids under 13 are playing, the rating of the ads needs to be G and it looks like you can either set it in code or on the site.
-you need to be using a certified ad network to get things set up properly, and thankfully Admob is one such network.
-when you load an ad, it needs to be marked with “ChildDirectedTreatment”, which will stop Interest based advertising (IBA) and remarketing, which are both things that involve data being taken from the child. This is what I’m still unsure about, as it seems to be something that’s only doable in code unfortunately. why can’t it just be a box you tick on the admob site!:frowning:

I’m guessing that could maybe be copied and pasted just like that onto the top of the first event sheet that runs when the game starts, but im not sure. Probably need to learn some java I guess lol. I’m not sure if both that and the gdevelop ad loading stuff will work together.