Admob in the European Union

I have noticed that in the European Union it is necessary to ask users for permission to show personalized ads, and in the Gdevelop admob extension this is not possible, I have seen that they have already requested this, but they always say that this is not needed, but it is needed because in the European Union this is a law, and they always misunderstand what we are asking for then I am going to leave a link so that you can read what we are asking for and understand what we are talking about

This is the link, I hope you understand and thanks in advance

As mentioned in previous threads about this, you must modify your admob settings on your admob account to apply whatever settings you want, including non-targeting ads, as well as modify your cordova plugin for whatever consent you want.

This is not currently a GDevelop functionality, as it requires changes on your admob account and external settings in your cordova project.

At the most basic level, you can set up an acknowledgement at the start of the game with a text object and accept/decline buttons, and then store a global variable on whether they accepted or declined (and save it in storage).

If they accept, you proceed to your game as normal, loading ads as you go by having those events check that the variable is true, if they decline, you either exit the game (if you want to disallow usage of the game without ads) or disable the loading of ads.

There are not currently any announced plans to change this functionality since there are no plans to integrate admob’s external settings into the engine. Hopefully the above helps point in the right direction. As this is a duplicate request of an existing thread, this duplicate will be closed.

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