Admob loading true/false

Another AdMob question!

I am testing the reward videos and use the admob example from Gdevelop.

The project setup is configured with my AdMob account settings.

When running the apk, the videos occasionally work.

But most of the time when I click on Load, the loading turns to True but then immediately snaps back to False.

Do you know what can be the cause of this? I thought it might have something to do with using Wifi or 4G, but I am not sure.

I have this same issue,using the admob example project…even tested the banner ad,interstitial ads and video ads with the test ad units provided by google. I have my payment info setup alread in admob and also admob already working in a game I made with another game engine.

Do you experience the issue with the default admob example? Not changing account settings or anything.

Admob serves ads after deep analysis. Not all requests can be expected to have ads.

Thanks very much…the issue os with the admob account…ads serving was limited on the account…tried a friends admob account on test mode and its working fine

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