Admob problems

Hi… If i try add ADmob object to my game… It not working alse crash game alse banner and video not loading.

It’s problem from console…

layer-pixi-renderer.js:73 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'zOrder' of undefined at gdjs.LayerPixiRenderer.addRendererObject (layer-pixi-renderer.js:73) at gdjs.LayerPixiRenderer.changeRendererObjectZOrder (layer-pixi-renderer.js:93) at gdjs.AdMobRuntimeObject.gdjs.RuntimeObject.setZOrder (runtimeobject.js:376) at gdjs.RuntimeScene.createObjectsFrom (runtimescene.js:168) at gdjs.RuntimeScene.loadFromScene (runtimescene.js:114) at gdjs.SceneStack.push (scenestack.js:52) at gdjs.SceneStack.replace (scenestack.js:78) at gdjs.SceneStack.step (scenestack.js:30) at runtimegame.js:290 at gameLoop (runtimegame-pixi-renderer.js:332)

I am having the same problem with AdMob banners, the scene will not load with the ad in it when i try to preview the scene.

Same problem. I have 1 scene and it will not load at all in test mode with admob.

Hope someone helps with this. Has anyone gotten admob to work at all?

I just tried with my first game… seems to lock the up at 100%
I thought that might be normal so I tried it in Intel XDK, but it still doesn’t work.