Admob - Rewarded ad not displaying fullscreen


I created a rewarded ad for my app. When running on iPad the rewarded ad works correctly (video loads, plays and reward is well received) but the ad in itself displays in some kind of popup with rounded corners, leading to the video being truncated on the borders.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there any way to make the rewarded ad displaying fullscreen?


I’m not sure if the issue is from Admob or Gdevelop or the ad itself, I’ve seen truncated ads sometimes.
Can you confirm it’s consistent? Are you having the same issue on Android devices?

Hi Gruk,

After checking the issues opened on cordova-plugin-admob-free, I found out that someone had already complained of that same issue ([interstitial and rewardVideo is moved down · Issue #415 · ratson/cordova-plugin-admob-free · GitHub]). Therefore it seems to be linked to the Cordova admob plugin and not GDevelop itself.

As for the problem itself, it is consistent on iPad. On an Android phone the ads display correctly, but they also seem to be in a floating popup. Therefore I guess the issue is more linked to the popup implementation itself on iPad, and perhaps tablets in general…


Hi there, how did you manage to play the video on your Ipad, I’m kinda stuck at this point