Admob Rewards not rewarding on 1st click?

Hi guys,
So the Admob Rewards are not rewarding on the 1st click, but fine after, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
I have 2 buttons for 2 rewards, so I cannot use “at beginning of scene”, as you cannot connect a “show video” with an advert.
Can you see any problems with my code?

The timer is there, so you cant click it really fast and get 5x rewards or line up 5x videos.

Here is the code from YouTube, but as above, I cannot use that:

Thanks guys, I don’t like people watching a video and not getting a reward.

How about instead of the buttons launching the video(s), the buttons take them to separate pages and the video launches with the “at beginning of scene”, as I could have a “please wait” sign, then after the video, back to the main screen?

My only question is what if they go straight through the loop without seeing a video:
Button press, new page, return to main page - without the video playing.

Your condition to get the reward is under the same Trigger once that launches the ad, so it needs two triggers (clicks) indeed.
You need to move it out and use variables to identify which rewards are which.

Thanks, I put the ads on 2 pages so you can link and launch them from anything, instead of launching from 2 buttons.

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