Admod with HTML5 webhosted games

Hi guys and gals, Hope you are all well.

I’m a graphic designer / Illustrator currently learning how to develop games in Gdevelop.
So please bare with me because I know very little about this world and what is possible.

I looking to make a small game for my friend, I will host it and hopefully embed into her facebook page.
But I need to know if I can run an Interstitial advert using admob?

Most of the tutorials I have seen point to android apps pushed through Intel SDK.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!

Kind regards


Am I looking at this the wrong way? Can I just embed an Adsense based advert into this… I’m sure I should be able to.


this extension is only for android HTML5 game. But for webbrowsers games, you can simply add an advert in the index.html generated by GDevelop when you compile the game.