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As explained in the latest release notes, we’ll start rolling out some advertisements on game pages on
You can disable them from your game dashboard in GDevelop, but, even if nobody loves ads, we strongly suggest keep them on. Why? Because this could benefit you, as a game creator:

  • In the long term, we plan to offer revenue sharing with creators. It means that if your game does a lot of views, we can give a percent of the ads revenue.
  • But for this, we first need to gather data on how ads are performing.
  • We’ll also give the ability for players to donate, or links to stores where to buy the game (Steam, App Store, Google Play,…).
  • In the long term, we hope to give the ability for you to set up ads or iap in a few clicks in your games, powered by our infrastructure.

For this to be possible, we’ll iterate and try various variation of monetization solutions. In the meantime, this will also help GDevelop development and the full time team building it, and the + online services storage costs.

Quick questions and answers:

  • Do you know what’s the revenue split between creators and GDevelop for ads shown on Liluo? We don’t know it. We first need to see if games are generating any meaningful revenue or just a few cents every months, before seeing if this make sense. Please note that any game doing less than multiple thousands of views will not generate any ad earning at all (that’s sadly how ads work, you have to get a lot of views - much like on platforms like YouTube).

  • Can I know the breakdown of money from ads on my game?. We’re working on something like this - this is notoriously hard to estimate because ad networks don’t give much details on where the revenue is coming from. We hope to have something once games make meaningful revenue.

  • When can I get money from ads on my game? As said, this is an experimentation and we’re not sure what make sense for now (hence why you can disable ads if you don’t like them and don’t want to support GDevelop development).

  • Is GDevelop becoming a paid software? No, you’ll always be able to use it for free. Subscriptions are there to unlock more stuff (more cloud projects, more exports, more resources) on our online services, and will get your more visibility in the community in the future.

  • Why are ads ugly? Ads are not pretty, but we’re iterating and will adapt how they are displayed.

  • Can I display ads in my game? Currently not, but it’s on the roadmap. In the meantime, you can use AdMob for your mobile games.

  • Why can’t everything be free? We’re trying to find a model where GDevelop is sustainable, profitable and creators get a share.

  • This is bad, I don’t want ads!!!1! You can disable them from your game dashboard - but remember GDevelop is also not limiting you: you can publish your game on any other platform or on your own website.


Liluo is showing personalized ads, so it’s needed a consent message: Fundamental function for Gdevelop EU users

DHsw: I saw you mentioned the consent dialog - it was just added on now because ads served can be personalised (so under GDPR, consent is required).

Taking also the opportunity to tell it: I’ve been reading your other thread of monetisation, even if I’ve not answered :slight_smile: I appreciate the thinking going around this and want to also let other users chime in. I won’t answer to everything but there are both good ideas and things that would not work (much like we’re not sure ads on will work or will generate enough for creators, but we have to try).

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Yes, thanks for all! I don’t want gdevelop meet legal problems due to that :sweat_smile:

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