Fundamental function for Gdevelop EU users

Personalized ads consent message

The laws in the European Union (EU) (Countries like France, Spain, Germany…) require that developers implement the option to choose between personalized or non-personalized ads. Otherwise the developers would face legal problems.

There is an SDK for this consent but it does not seem to be implemented in Gdevelop, so I think it is a fundamental feature that should be implemented as soon as possible in order to comply with these laws

I can see the value in this, but keep in mind that GDevelop doesn’t have it’s own Ad network/code/etc. It’s just using Admob with Cordova.

Unless a Contributor knows otherwise, I don’t think there’d be any changes to the SDK used itself. I could see there being a way/event actions added to toggle Admob’s personalized/nonpersonalized code, though.

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What do you mean?
Is there already a function for personalized ads?
I can´t find it and there is no games with such feature

Admob has options around personalized/nonpersonalized ads, yes. That has nothing to with GDevelop today and is entirely on the Admob side, which you can configure in Admob: Comply with EU user consent policy - Google AdMob Help

What I was mentioning is that I could potentially see a feature get added that allows you to toggle that configuration on the GDevelop side before you export, which would still require you to provide your configuration URLs from your Admob console.

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The problem is that the developer is not the one to choose between personalized or non-personalized ads. In the link, it explains how the developer can choose between personalized ads or not (which I already knew), plus it also explains how to implement the consent function that is not in Gdevelop

Admob has a function that allows displaying a consent message, but it needs to be implemented. It can be done with the SDK that appears on that website, but I also think there are other ways

Almost all video game engines (Construct, Unity, I think Godot too …) have an event that allows displaying a consent message, When you enable such event, it shows a Pop-up whit the consent message.

The reason why this function is so important is that 99.9% of the games made with Gdevelop and published in the play store with advertisements do not comply with the EU laws and consequently, the developers of such games may face problems legal.

If you download any unity game with ads (ever games like 99% cannot do this) all ones have consent messages (Its possible that if you are not on EU you may not see it)

I think an integration or extension with funding choices into GD could be nice.

Hi there is an alternative that you can use for Google Play Apps and Games.


But how to integrate it with Gdevelop?

I need to monetize a game with admob ads but without any consent message it would be illegal

My understanding is that you don’t. It is already present inside of the base AdMob library, without any other sdk or integration, and you just got to enable it from the AdMob dashboard not from GDevelop.

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I informed myself a bit more, and actually I think that by default it will only show non-personalized ads unless you have a consent system built-in that explicitly opt-in to them. As long as ads are not personalized, they are GDPR compliant.


When you click accéder à fundig choices and then you select the app, there are 2 buttons and one explains how to insert the SDK into your app in order to show the messages. At least to me nothing appears when creating a message.
It looks simple to add into Gdevelop cause it doesn´t needs any aditional event, just adding the sdk

This is the link of the button: Obtaining Consent with the User Messaging Platform  |  UMP SDK for Android  |  Google Developers

By default, it does what the developer configures in the AdMob console. The problem is that it only gives 2 options.

  1. Show more relevant ads to users under consent (default)
  2. Show non-relevant ads

This configuration is general for all apps and does not allow you to adjust it individually so those who have apps created on other platforms are forced to show less relevant ads in all their apps.

I have tried to add any consent message through javascript events, but it’s almost impossible.

And you are not wrong …

You can make messages without implementing another SDK with the admob itself, but it is necessary to create a consent message modifying the admob code in Gdevelop.

I have found an example in unity. I guess it will be practically the same as in Gdevelop:

About choice of ads this is on admob and cordova side for the moment as said people above me.

There is no integrated solution ready to use.
In the application, you can add text objects and you can create buttons with events and redirect to another scene or a website online.

For example,Swamp game demo is compliant, they asking with a simple text and require to make a choice. (Here for get some analytics, just do the same thing for your situation)

(No need to open a new topic with the same question, splitting the conversation into several topics is terrible for people looking for answers, you can continue here)

Ok, this game is compilant. I can’t believe no one has yet made an example that could be miscopied, this is just an example of a game but not a code. I have already asked a question on this forum about EU consent several times. I got answers like: “are you doing this for money”, “what do you need an admob and commercials for” I can’t just believe it! Will we forever be limited to using this platform exclusively for game development, and none of the developers want to pay attention to the market. Then why this platform, if the only goal is game development, not earnings? if I personally knew how to implement all EU regulations in code, then I would not use gdevelop5 as a platform, but a more serious solution. As long as you don’t pay attention to the gaming market and ads, this is a very frivolous platform for me. People, it’s the 21st century, it’s capitalism. We are not fed by fog. And now if your answers to this will be like; “then don’t use this platform” and the like, I really won’t use it then.

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I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for nor what your statement is trying to convey, but to cover a few bases:

  1. You’re absolutely welcome and encouraged to use GDevelop if you’d like to sell your game or make money off of it via ads. There are no engine-specific rules or restrictions on monetizing your game.
  2. If you’re looking for ad revenue specifically, events for the admob service are available in the engine. However, the Admob service itself isn’t part of GDevelop, GDevelop just enables you to use Admob and simplifies the integration on display of ads. Like other engines with connectors for external services, you are expected to gain an understanding of that service to determine how you want to implement it. Other ad systems can be added to your game, but you’ll need to do so directly via javascript events and the respective ad service’s API.

To try and answer what I think your question is:
Will someone make an example of turning off ad personalization of Admob?

  • Unfortunately, this is not likely something that would be made nor included in the example list itself, no. Those modifications have to be done in the Admob API which is after exporting your game, not something normally done in the game engine itself.

Alternatively, if your question is more similar to the following:
Will someone make an example of a prompting a user on opting in to ad personalization?

  • This one is possible, but it is up to the community if they want to make an example to do so, as the majority of the examples are community created. Although keep in mind that still wouldn’t necessarily accomodate your game specifically, since in most cases those need to be explicitly tailored to the developers company name/dev name/etc.

In that case, I suggest people, if anyone has any experience in this, to set an example. also, i suggest the CEO side of the gdevelop team try to do some tutorial on the subject because i find it very important and inevitable.

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Respect to this, it could be a built-in into the current cordova plugin that gdevelop has integrated.

The main problem is that disabling personalised ads into the admob panel affects to all your projects and you cannot change them for a particular project.

I’ll try using in my new game an external cordova plugin: GitHub - admob-plus/admob-plus: Trustable AdMob Plugin for Cordova, Capacitor, Ionic, React Native this one has a module or sub-plugin to integrate funding choices.

Theoretically possible, but requires modifying the plugin, and I’m not able to find if this was something made by a contributor or 4ian directly, so it is unclear if that’d need to be rebuilt from scratch or not. I’m also not 100% clear that you can put the code before the cordova side or not, so I’d wait for a contributor to confirm if that type of toggle can even be accessed/built in via events or not to confirm viability.

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There’s no problem with the cordova side if built locally. To make it work not only locally, it can be added as dependency, that’s the difficult part :sweat:

Hi, do you have any updates on this topic?

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