does anyone know how i can create an afk game?
so that the player always stays in the same place and the opponent runs towards him that the player automatically strikes there should be infinite opponents spawning from the right side and the opponent should have 1 hp so that he dies directly with one hit

Screenshot 2023-07-22 003817

You can just install the spawner extension and put down some spawners near the player. You can use the add a force event to move the enemies toward the player (most likely looping a walking animation), there’s a couple behaviors that can help with this too. When the enemy gets within a certain distance of the player it will attack, if you use collision you can either setup an invisible border that tests for collision or expand the width of the player’s bounding box. The attack could be an animation of the player sprite or you can make a new sprite weapon or something. You can use the health extension or just variables, and give the enemies one health. When the enemy gets close to the player and the attack animation happens, if enemy collides with the weapon, you can either decrease the health and have an event that takes care of death, or you can delete the enemy on contact.

could you write down the events for me please?

I’m using these events here but nothing spawns for me

This is a pretty crude example to say the least, but I think it demonstrates my previous pointers well.


object doesn’t spawn for me :confused:
did you do anything else before that?

I found the error, it was my object, thanks for your help :slight_smile: