After a player watches the reward video, i want to have the player continue from the previous score

I want the score to continue from the previous score after a player watches the reward video

What is the expected result

After the player ‘dies’, the state is changed to ‘game over’ where the player is offered watch a video option to continue the game from their previous score, else the game will restart from score 0

What is the actual result

  1. Score does not to return to previous score, instead it starts from 0 after the video is watched.
  2. and the scene does not change back to ‘game’.
    I have the ‘gameover’ state on an external layout

Well it might not be the only issue, but try changing the global var Score right after you read previousscore from storage and store the value in scene var Score.

Then in beg of scene events for Game you might have to add if Global score > 0 (ie they watched the ad so you updated the global score to previous score) change scene var Score set to global Score and set global score to 0 (to reset it) or something.

Also maybe set the bool Reward true and mark as claimed somewhere else. Maybe at Show the loaded reward video. Or that might not work there, it might just leave early. And move the Rewarded video is loading/show layer transition out as a standalone event because it is independent.