AI for NPCs and enemies

I need help with making a AI for the enemies and NPCs so they do random stuff but are affected by the same things the player is (pain, colliding, ect) I am making a game that is like terraria but different

Hello, Taco2009 and welcome!

I recommend two videos from Gdevelop’s official youtube channel:


There are more videos about enemies, and you can use this logic for your NPCS.

yeah I’ve tried them but the first one I do not understand

Gdevelop is not that Advanced right now to bring AI in your Enemies data so you will have to learn advance coding or just set write in the NPCs data to do the things you want it to do and call it random stuff. Like walking in random places can be an example you will just have to make its pathway for the NPCs and then turn it into a loop and maybe give it brakes in between like stopping for X seconds and then continue.

What type of enemies. Jumping is the hardest but flying is easy