Aim-aim at the nearest enemy and then have it switch to the next -Auto Battler

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Currently I am having trouble with the condition that picks the nearest object. In my game I am trying to have it so that everyone on team 1 fires a bullet towards the enemies on team 2 nearest to them. The problem is after the enemy has been defeated//killed I don’t know how to make it switch to the next enemy because I am using the fire bullet behavior which only allows you to select one position which I cant figure out how to make it automatically change to the next enemies position. Sometimes the bullet doesnt even fire at the enemy to start.

I’m trying to make a game like Momento Mori, it is an autobattler rpg idle game and so far I am having no luck with it.

Hi Hika. I think you just need to move the pick enemy and fire action into a for each object.

Team1 is true
— enemy living ≥ 1 (same event as the next line)
— Main team is ready (same event as the last line)
-----------for each gunslinger…
------------------pick nearest EnemyTeam | Fire BulletTeam1 from …

Hello, it still seems to fire off in a random direction after the first enemy is killed even after I did that.

Can we see your updated events?