AK-47 Shooting logic?

I have a shooting animation which can be looped depending on if it’s needed want? What I want is the enemies shoot 3 times in a raw when attack = 1. means I wanna repeat the action! I have tried all different methods (which should have worked), None of them worked. I don’t know why? Any help!
Than you!

Check this:
BurstFire.zip (26 KB)

The simplest way I found:

  • When attack = 0 and you shoot, set attack = 1 (as “attacking”)
  • While attacking, create a bullet every X seconds, and count the number of bullets
  • If number of bullets = 3, stop the attack

I have to do that for multiple objects

Then you have to convert the scene variables and timers as object variables, the logic is the same :slight_smile: