Aliens from above - Stuck on Wall

Hi GDevelop Community,

once more I am having a weird problem while building my game and was wondering if anybody had this or knows how to fix it.

The problem is shown in the following video: …

As you can see my character gets stuck on the wall if he jumps into it. I have tried the “separate objects” action but it doesnt work.

That black square is a tiled sprite with the platform behaviour, I have tried changing it to a normal sprite and patch sprite but doesn’t help. So I thought, hmmm, maybe the issue is with my character and maybe it is a hitbox problem but I checked them and all of the hitboxes are the same except in some death animations.

If you can help me I will be very grateful! Thanks in advance!

I think your platforms have grabbing setup?

It’s not that problem, as you can see in the image below its turned off! :confused:

Collision mask is different size when jumping, falling and running? It seems that collision mask getting bigger or something like that after jumping, so character stuck “inside” of the wall.
That happens if that wall is one normal sprite with collision mask?

I also thought it could be that! But all the collision masks are the same except in 1 death animation. Thanks for taking some of your time to help me! :slight_smile: I also tried deleting that death animation so that every collision mask would be the same and it isn’t. I’m also really confused on what could be causing this.