All Videos playing at once

when i launch the game, all the video files play at once, even if the scene am in dosent have any video at all, help

Which game are you launching? Is it one of the GDevelop examples that we can take a look at to see if the same thing happens on our end? Or is it your game, and if so do you have some relevant event snips?

its my own game, and if u want i can send u the game folder, so u can check it out urself, just dont snoop or i will hurt you

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It might be too much trouble for you to share the whole game, what about just screen shots of the beg of scene events or the events about the videos?

it wouldent be much trouble for me, also all vedios play even if they arnt even used in the game, like they are just in the folder not used in any event or scene

Do you have a link to the project?


Ok I looked at it a bit tonight. But the machine I was in was too small, it didn’t even load the preview. So I didn’t find much out. I’ll make a new machine tomorrow and see what I can come up with. So far I’ve only managed to get the preview to even do anything by deleting a lot of things first. And then I can’t replicate the problem because I deleted all the videos.

I hope you get the issue figured out because I can see you’re putting a lot of work into the game.

If you don’t want everyone to download your project, I suggest you rename the zip from Google drive and send the link to it in a private message.

FWIW, I downloaded your project, and didn’t experience the videos playing when I previewed it. What scene did you have open in the editor when you previewed the game and experienced the video issue?

all of them, am gonna try some fixes then al report back

ok so i think i solved the issue i looked into the game file and some other stuff and there was some corrupted files (videos images etc) so i deleted thoes and then i updated to the latest ver of gdev and it fixed it

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That is fantastic news, I’m so glad you fixed it - and not just because I’m happy for you but also because work was exhausting today and I just want to crash now haha. But I wanted to second MrMen’s comment, now that you no longer need help to be sure to remove your project from the drive for more secrecy.