Allow App's UI resizing (font scale) for accessibility

This question on the “How do I forum” has become the official topic to vote for “allow UI resizing” on the App. UI resizing is linked to font size (see image), so I’ve renamed the topic accordingly.

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Hey, newcomer here.
Does GDevelop not have the possibility of resizing its UI? I have searched everywhere and can not find anything on this. I’m not talking about games UI, but the GDevelop software itself. Some of the menu’s and text in the Events sheet are too small for me to read.

In the events sheet, try control (command on mac) and +/- to size the events. Make sure nothing is selected when doing this, otherwise I don’t think it works. I don’t think the scene editor’s UI can be resized other than changing the size of windows like the objects panel.


One (maybe not the best) workaround is to change the screen resolution. Sometimes when I teach GDevelop to students, I change the resolution to 1280x720, which makes it easier to show things with data projector. Below there are two screenshot from the same view with different screen resolutions.



Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Changing the resolution is also a bad solution since the font becomes blurry and hard to look at. I am solving it for now by increasing/scaling windows from 100% to 125%. This seems to do the trick. But thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks, that actually works in the event sheet. But I need it to work anywhere with the program, so I have simply increased windows entire size from 100% to 125%. And this does what I need.