Allow "Copy all" to scene variables tab and object variables tab

My suggestion is two features that need to coexist together for they to work:

The first one is:

Add a button “Copy all variables” to scene variables tab and object variables tab.

Sometimes, you want scenes to share the same variables, thats simple when you just duplicate the scene.

But what about when you add new variables to a scene because you implemented a new system?

You can just duplicate the scene again for the new coming ones, but what about the old ones?

You would have to select all the variables (by holding ctrl and clicking them) and copy it to the older scenes.

(All of above applies to objects.)

The second feature is:

When you hit paste in the scene or object variables tab, and you have already existent variables at the clipboard, it would display a message similar to this one:

“You are trying to paste duplicated variables, choose an option:”

[Paste anyways] → The duplicated variables and the not-existing ones would be pasted, similar to what already happens.

[Replace existing ones] → The duplicated variables would replace the existing ones, and the not-existing ones would also be pasted.

[Omit duplicates] → The duplicated variables would be ignored and only the not-existing ones would be pasted.

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I think this is what global variables are for. Although I’m hesitant to use global anything because once you set an object or a variable to global it can’t really be undone.

Actually, when I suggested this copy feature I was thinking to use it just for the variable names, not its content, because their content I would just change after pasting, only their names would be useful to me.

With global variables you would only need to change them per scene
And that would be my way to go to in this case

BUT i will admit that option to copy/paste variables at will would be cool

There is already copy paste option in variables window but i guess what it lacks is kinda like toggle button where you enter select mode (kinda like you wanna select few text messages to delete on your phone and you hold one and then you can select other ones) and then perform action of copy or paste or delete on them
I mean on selected ones

But then i would also wish there was select all button somewhere there
So ppl with tons of variables do not need to spam click

Most apps allow you to do the whole Ctrl and shift selection thing although that wouldn’t work with touch on mobile. The check boxes would.

I believe that there is already a request for the standard ctrl c, v and x keyboard shortcuts. That would be nice. I agree. Just like Windows, if you’re pasting variables there should be some sort of conflict resolution like replace, ignore and rename.

I already made feature request for something similar
But it was more of a duplicating/multiplicating variables in same window rather than just copy and paste from one window to another

So idea of “let us manage variables like events” is well known to Luni i guess

Same as the idea of when you make object global instead of turning it global just make copy of it and turn that into global object
This way turning object into global object will not be one way process

Yet in both cases i see no mentions of doing anything toward it i guess they are just not top priorities

Same as leave dropdown list of objects we gonna add to group stay open so we do not need to click on drop down list each time we want to add new object to said group

I think many UI elements would benefit from being treated like events which we can select and do whatever we want with them with addition of select all or whatever

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