Allow piskel to enter multi-frame mode when editing tiled sprites and 9-patch objects

When editing tiled sprites and 9-patch objects via piskel, and maybe every object which only requires you one frame, piskel is forced to enter a strange “single-frame” mode which limits the canva to a single frame and you have to work on that.

Normally, I open a separated piskel window and work there, then copy it back to the original window.

My suggestion is to make it avaliable to add frames, and display a message when opening piskel via tiled sprite/9-patch:

“Warning: upon saving, only the first frame will be used and the rest will be discarted.”

But why would I want to be able to work in multiple frames even tho only one will be saved?

Its because since in piskel there is a issue with undo crashes, duplicating the frames is a workaround to avoid that.

Duplicating the frames can also be used make a backup before making a big change in the image.

So consider those to make multi-frame mode avaliable in piskel for single-image objects just like when editing sprite objects.

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I don’t think this would get implemented for a few reasons:

  1. Tiled Sprites and 9-patch objects do not support multiple frames and there’s no intent to implement animations for them.
  2. The bundled version of Piskel is not intended to be a continual art tool for other purposes beyond editing the specific image or object currently in use. If there’s a need for that, you can use an external version of Piskel (or any other art tool).
  3. It has been stated a few times that the dev team does not intend to make any changes to base functionality of the bundled Piskel as the main Piskel project is no longer maintained and therefore further functionality changes could lead to an unmaintainable result.