Allow to delete instance on the Instance list Panel without confirmation

To speed up the workflow can we have a fast delete button (without confirmation) in instance list??like in the pic


I agree we need fewer popups. I can support an option to disable the confirmation prompt for events when there aren’t any events. That seems like a no brainer.

But, I can only support a no confirmation object delete as an option not a default mechanism. I think the app needs more ways to customize it.

The setting could be in the main setting screen or a setting menu on the instance panel.

I added a suggestion to add the ability to select multiple objects in the object screen for the same reason. That would keep the confirmation popup but it would reduce the popup prompts to only once for the entire group.

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Yep, merge both requests would be perfect

@RMDB @Keith_1357
You both have no idea how i wish for it to exist
I already see ppl complaining why there is no confirmation
And deleting by accident wrong object
Or deleting one or few too many objects

SO i would suggest in gdevelop settings leave option to do not show that confirmation pop up so you need to disable it on your own and now you are only one to blame for mistakes

Cause if it is OFF by default ppl will have right to complain that is bad UI design and there should be confirmation before doing inreversable action

@Keith_1357 damn i just did read your whole reply
I pretty much had same idea about it as you do

As long it’s there that’s fine too.