Allow users to define the filepath of their preferred image editor

So, recently, I’ve had some issues with piskel, and not being able to clear the cache, I am forced to use the tedious method of going manually to another app(in this case, Libre Sprite), making the image(s), then saving them to a file, then going in gdevelop, manually selecting those images. This kinda stinks. It would be super helpful if in Gdevelop, you could go to preferences, select the filepath of your editor, then it open that up, instead of piskel.



Hello Inusitatus!

Thank you for your message.
I have one small question to better understand what you’re asking for:
You said you saved art files in local (the ones that you modified with Libre Sprite and then saved on your computer) instead of using the Piskel integration on GDevelop.

So, your request is to:

Thank you for the clarification.

So my request is (basically) to be able to use different external apps instead of piskel( mainly because piskel is permanently broken for me, and i cannot find its cache, and therefore cannot clear it) by clicking the edit image in piskel button, and it automatically pulling up the program and the image within the program, kinda like how you can pick the file path in blender and it will do what i specified. I hope that made sense, if not, let me know, and ill upload some screenshots to clarify.


To summarize this a bit, the ask is:

  1. An IDE preference/setting that is for something like “Select the art tool you would like to edit assets in” which lets the user select an exe/app to load image assets in.
  2. Update the “Edit in Piskel” option on graphic objects (sprite/tiled sprite/etc) to “Edit in Art Editor”. Which then tries to open the sprite in that other editor.

Potential risks/issues:

  • No guarantee the art tools would support loading any animations, so only one frame/image could be loaded.
  • Unlikely to be compatible with web/mobile builds

Yeah that’s it, hope those risks can be worked around!

It is clear for me now.
Thank you, @Silver-Streak !