Allowed character with space in Text entry

I have followed some example on some forum I found here (I can’t find it anymore :confused: ) everything works fine expect, it wont let me add any space in between characters?

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As the comment states, the allowed characters are defined in the “AllowedCharacters” structure, it’s a scene variable.

So, you have to do right click on the scene background >> Scene properties >> Edit scene variables. You will see the structure with all the allowed characters as children. Now just add a new child to the structure and name the variable " " (a blank space) :slight_smile:

Of course you can add/remove other characters from there :smiley:

Thanks man I have learns something new from your answer, man. I wanna know one more thing.

I have a similar problem. I want to know that can I use global variable(instead of scene var) in this because I have to do this for every scene?

Yeah, sure you can, instead of creating the structure “channels” in the scene, add it as a global variable to the project. Of course, the conditions, actions, and expressions have to be replaced by their global version.

Man this forum made me learn something very difficult and new. Thank you so much :mrgreen:

One more thing there are too many 4 different enemies so can I use the same global variable “channels” for all???

Yes, because the number of channels is limited for all the objects. You can put all your different enemies inside an “Enemy” group, and then use this “Enemy” object to assign channels.