Alphabetical sorting installed extension on left side bar

So in short of it
I am always about organizing stuff more easily to use it more easily

And so i would care to suggest adding alphabetical sorting for installed extensions in left side bar
It is not anything most would use but when you are going to edit/modify some extensions which im getting into
It would help a lot since it’s easier to find what you need when you know where something can be instead of reading all extensions names to find one you need

There is ability to move them UP or DOWN one spot manually
But i would say automatic alphabetical sort would make more sense
Even better since it does sort extensions+behaviors alphabetically in behaviors then why not have it here?

Damn again shame on me
I just found out i can literally grab extension (by grabbing icon which is not very intuitive and obvious) on that left side bar and move it where i want it to be
But did not even consider that exists since i seen this move up move down option in context menu

But my suggestion still stands it would make more sense if there was alphabetical sorting for that list


Noted for this feature. I does make a lot of sense to want to access them by alphabetical order (it is way easier to visually scan).
:eyes: I’d like to know if there is anyone with a counter-example or case where they’d like to have them listed in an order made by hand (them, organising the list in another manner than alphabetically) -not to ignore the feature, but to see if there is a need to design another way to list-.

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IDK how much work needs to be put into implementing something like sorting to gdevelop
So don’t take it as (go do it because you can)

But when i repair customers PC’s i often install fresh windows for them
And i could not care less do they like Opera or Fire Fox or Google Chrome or whatever else
I do not care to ask them that is not my problem
I simply put portable versions of them on their PC
Leave shortcuts on desktop to each of them and whatever PC owner will not want will simply delete leaving appropriate one for themselves
Problem solved (or more like avoided)

Why not leave checkbox in preferences that if checked alphabetical order sorting is enabled and unchecked would mean let users sort them manually

Today maybe no one will have need for manual sort
Maybe not in a week but what if someone come here asking in 3 months for manual sort after you make it alphabetical sort? You will need to come back to this problem to add another feature

That’s why i am always in for “Do not care what people want, leave them option to pick what they want and you will never have issue with your choice”

Like look at it this way
How many ppl asked for alphabetical sorting? And how long it works without it till now?

Heck even better solution would be to somewhere on that left side panel leave buton like “sort installed extensions with alphabetical order”

This way who needs it can simply click it who don’t will just ignore it

IDK what is best solution here i just leave my ideas and tips

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