[Already available] List of available GD functions in JS?

I mean everything A-Z. For example, to get position of object, to set position of object, to get current animation of object to set animation of object, get canvas height, width, access variables, create objects and object variables, set value of variable delete objects from the scene things like this.
Basically I would expect all the actions, conditions, expressions in GD to have access to them also in JS, but how?
For example if I try to get scene window height like this in JS code:

var sceneh = runtimeScene.SceneWindowHeight();

I get “runtimeScene.SceneWindowHeight is not a function” message.

if I try it this way

var sceneh = SceneWindowHeight();

I get “SceneWindowHeight is not defined” message

Also tried with “getSceneWindowHeight” as I’m trying to get scene window height but nothing works.

I’m a noob in coding I have no idea what am I doing, but the question is, can I do anything like this at all in JS, if yes how? :blush:
I mean please make a list of all available functions on the wiki so noobs like me can get started :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

but you should learn JS before. :wink:

For example, all methods exposed by a runtimeScene : 4ian.github.io/GD-Documentation/ … Scene.html :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link :slight_smile: