Altering loading screen in android game

Does anyone know of and can point me in the direction of a guide for customizing the loading screen on an android game? I want to replace the white % on black background. I’ve been looking into it and am seeing a lot about editing a file and making changes to javascript code, but I have no clue what file I’m looking for. I only see the project file, an autosave file and when I export the game it’s just the singular apk file. I’m surely missing something.

You will have to get the indie version of the engine to get official access to customize the loading screen.

That is not true, the loading screen can not be officially customized. You can customize it by modifying the file /path/to/your/GDevelop/installation/resources/GDJS/Runtime/pixi-renderer/loading-screen-renderer.js

Note that it isn’t recommended to modify the files of GDevelop, and that you can break your installation doing so.


I did not know that. So, what is the need of the “Pro” version?

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There is all details in your profile in the app.

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Ya, but then the paid version only adds the option to export more. And that does not always work, sometimes I was able to export more than 2 times a day.

It’s not by day, it’s by 24hours.
The export are not reset at midnight, but 24h after.

Thank you! That makes sense

And yeah I’ve always noticed that the number of exports it says I have never seems to update correctly lol, I think it can be a bit buggy sometimes