Alternative JS extension loading

Sometimes I want to use Js to do something game specific (let’s say a behavior for my game) but then I have to use the built in editor, and he is unpractical for js only things and isn’t complete. My wish would be to be able to load JS extension through alternative ways. I would take as example UE4: there are the built in extensions, then you can install global extensions, available in all projects, by dropping the extension in a folder in the engine’s folder. You can also drop your plugin into a plugins folder in your project folder to make it available for this project only. Then you need to enable manually through a menu any extensions added through one of the two methods for every project using it. This for js extensions would be perfect for me.

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Hey @arthuro555 that’s indeed something I was thinking about a while ago :slight_smile: Even if for now I want to encourage people to create and share extensions for all games on the registry as much as possible, it’s technically possible at some point to have an “Extensions” folder that is global to all projects and where you can drop new extensions written in JS, and even an “Extensions” folder specific to your project :slight_smile:

I actually even made a card for it a while ago! :smiley:

Though this implies a good maturity of the API, because while it’s doable for me to automatically update events/keep them backward compatible, having official support for a custom “Extensions” folder mean that it’s hard/not possible for me to automatically upgrade these in case of changes in the game engine - so it means more attention to the public API and stability/deprecation after multiple months.

I understand and agree with you. I will close this and either me or you can reopen it when I/you think the API is stable enough to discuss it again.

Reopen when API stable enough