Alternative to making one object with every sprite in it

Hello :slight_smile:
I was wondering if anybody knew the answer to my question

Rn I’m trying to make a game like earthbound
Ofc the partners you “tame” I want in the overworld

I was wondering if there is alternative to making one object with every sprite in it

rn I’m thinking make one object with every sprite animation

but I think there is probably some altenatives

Hello, Please Do not make every object for each sprite if not necessary.

I recommend using animation It would be easier and prevent messy object panel

Double click on your object
You’ll see this

You can add more animation and you should name the animation
For example in my game there are many skins for the player
I don’t have to create each object for each skin,
I just add the animations to my Player object and name it.

And you can change the animation by using this event
You can adapt it by adding condition then change your animation to match with that condition.