An issue with Admob test ads

Hey there, some more admob questions because I’m a bit spooked by something that happened yesterday lol.
So basically, I set up admob in my game and have been testing things out. When I load a video it is definitely in test mode, I’ve double and triple checked that. When I test my game on my phone, the ads that show up look like real ads, and I kind of stupidly just assumed that that was how they were supposed to be, like they were preset ads that looked real but actually weren’t. I’m now realizing that there are actually very obvious looking test ads and that’s, I assume, what I should have been getting lol.

So anyways, I got an email yesterday saying my google publisher account was completely disabled, meaning I was supposedly permanently banned from adsense, admob, etc. But it gets weird. the reason that was given for getting my account banned was that my content “promoted dishonest behaviour, taught people to hack”, etc. It’s a game where you literally grow flowers and go fishing.

So I sent an appeal to google, explaining that I wasn’t sure why it said my game promoted dishonest behaviour, and I said that the only thing I can think that I may have done wrong is accidentally looking at real ads thinking they were test ads. Just a bit ago i actually got my account reactivated because I “changed my content to be in line with Google’s policies.”

So, do test ads actually look like real ads or am I supposed to be getting the ones that say test? I had my ad unit ID in the event, am I supposed to not put that in order to get test ads? I’m honestly afraid to do anything else without getting more information lol. I’ve been googling and I just can’t find the info I need.

Sorry for this long winded post.

you must get test add id from admob to test on testmode.

More about test ads here

I see. Thank you guys so much.

I know this post is pretty old, but did you ever get your account re-enabled?

My account was disabled for the same reason, Promoting Dishonest Behaviour. My app is a letter-guessing game, so I’m mystified and I can’t any sense out of Adsense.

I don’t think my issue is anything to do with Test Ads though.

You could contact admob support on their website directly or on google forums.

About testing:
The GDevelop documentation for Admob list some advice like the use of the 4G for testing, and some other tricks.
But the best thing is to ask for someone else who are not on the same networks.