An object follows the player like a fairy

Good morning friends! first i apologize for any spelling mistakes, i’m brazilian and i’m using a translator.
I am developing a project in which I need an onbject (like a fairy)
follow the player wherever he goes, did everything, created an invisible sprite called the target and used the command “onbject turning towards another” and “adding a force to move towards an object” positioned the sprite (target) in an equivalent direction close to the character’s head, but when the object (fairy) reaches the object (target) the sprite is shaking repeatedly and only stops when the player moves. Can someone help me?

Have a look into joints, it sounds like a distance joint may be what you’re after.

Thanks for the answer!:blush:

Use the condition distance for force.
If fairy distance to target is > “number”
Action: add an instant force to fairy.

Make sure the number for the distance is a little bit greater then the wanted distance, so the fairy stops, before reaching the target

Thank You (Muito Obrigado)!