analyse player behavior and engagement

Hi All,

I am super newbie in game dev. Now, I have a project for my course to create simple game and then try to analyse player behavior or interaction towards my game. And also how to analyse about engagement. I think about simple game but engaging, like flappy bird. I wonder if I could create a login feature with GDevelopment in order to allow player to create an account and I can analyse their behavior?

I will really appreciate if you could give me any suggestions about it.

Thank you very much.

I don’t know about the login feature, GDevelop has networking feature but I don’t have any experience with it to be honest. You can make a multiplayer game, so I can imagine it, you could run a client on server side that would receive and store details, values from the player just like in case of an other player, but I’m not sure, I really have no experience with the networking feature of GD.

Regarding behaviour analysis, maybe I could help with this how/if it possible but what would you analyse exactly? I can’t really imagine it what kind of information you can get about player behaviour by playing flappy bird :confused:
Things like, how long the game is played, how many times pressing a key in specified time frame, elapsed time between/since/until key presses or something? What do you mean exactly?

A nice thing to do would be to use a service like ( that let you send arbitrary data (in JSON format, you can translate a gd variable to JSON). You can use the action to send a HTTP request, but you may have to be familiar with these things to get it to work.