Android export not working

Hi, I’m new to gdevelop and I built a simple prototype arcade game. Preview worked perfectly, so I decided to export an apk. I can see the game launching with gdevelop splash screen but game seems to display only one layer which is bottons. Rest of it is black. I tried to rectify it, read about it in forums but seems no one has had this problem. Please help me out.

What should be in place instead black ?
Sprite (which size), video ?
Maybe something in your events hide this elements ?
It’s just one element missing ?

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These are the events.

There is a background sprite of width 805 height 607 in a layer called background

There is sprite of width 3300 height 2450 called object2

There is sprite of width 379 height 235 called object3 in base layer which are suppose to show , above which there’s a button layer which is displaying.

This sprite is very big for mobile, cut it in two or four. Is this the object that doesn’t show up object2 ?

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No only botton layer is being displayed. None of the other sprites are displayed.

And how do I cut the sprite?

Sorry if I’m sounding too amateurish.

yup maybe the sprite is too big, just take the half of it with the editor of gdevelop and pasted into another object, maybe with photoshop , and place the two objects nearly

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Thank you. I’m out of builds for today. I’ll try tomorrow.

Thank you for your suggestions. It really did help.
But now I can’t see object 3 and background. Any suggestions please.