Android game doesn't work on phones

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How do I…

How do I export game for android properly ?

What is the expected result

I followed all the steps on wiki and exported the game

What is the actual result

The game doesn’t run on any android device

Does the same thing happen in the preview? If you do it from the computer, have you tried the preview via wifi to open it from the android cell phone?

Preview works well
Preview over wifi works well
It is just the APK

The only time I have experienced this is when using an extension that did not fully support mobile. In particular, the text-to-speech extension caused this when I exported to APK.

It may not be your problem, but probably worth looking into if you have extensions installed.

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I’m interested in this because I’m experiencing similar issues as well.

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Are you getting an error black or is it just a black screen you see on your phone?
Did you the APK/cordova packaging yourself or through the online services?

I am exporting using GDevelop itself not cordova
and the apk on my phone doesn’t start, just 1 sec of black screen then the game shuts down

didn’t fix the problem
I just have 2 extensions

  • Button
  • Switch

Any change you are using too many sprites or big backgrounds in you game?

That depends on how much you call it too much
and if that is the case, man, I am quitting GDevelop :sweat_smile:

Have you got large images in your game, that exceed the recommendations?

The wiki says that the resolution should be below 512*512 is that right ?

Maximum supported by most PCs is ~2000x2000, and you don’t want to be constantly hitting that maximum. (These are chromium/webkit limits)

The game Spiritfarer has most of it’s sprites under 512x512, and it is one of the most graphically impressive drawn 2D games on consoles/PCs, so you definitely won’t need larger than that for mobile. If you go above that, it’s potentially fine (so long as you never exceed 2000x200), but know that older mobile devices may have limits that don’t render above 1000x1000 even.

I didn’t understand :sweat_smile:

Don’t know how else to explain it. Do not have any images above 2048x2048 in size, period . Try to keep images under 512x512 in size. Any images exceeding 1000x1000 in size may not work on older mobile devices.

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