Android Game Testing

Hi all. New here and looking forward to using GDevelop!

Mainly I want to make mobile games. After going through a few tutorials, I decided to see how easy it is to get the game to run in Android. I used a pre-made game project (the one from the platformer game tutorial) and made an APK file several different ways (“Android” via XDK, “Crosswalk For Android” via XDK, and the last one I made was with cocoonjs). I tried these files on two different mobile devices (Kindle Fire HD and Huawei Ascend Plus) and had the same problems on both. The files made with XDK just load to a blank screen and that is it. The Cocoonjs file will load the Ludei splash screen, then I just get a white screen that doesn’t go away.

Am I doing something wrong? Before I get too in-depth with GDevelop, I want to make sure that it is going to be able to produce games for a mobile platform. Since the website says that Android games are possible, I am guessing the problem is just me. I only tried to make an APK out of that one game project so far. Any help would be appreciated!