Android Hardware Keys

Hello, is there a way to query the volume up and down button on mobile devices?
Greetings Markus

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Hat niemand eine Idee?

Tried to solve the problem with Javascript. I can define the volume up and down buttons. But since I’m not very familiar with Javascript (I only know the basics of C++) I can’t query the keys. Maybe someone can help.
I have a screenshot. I have problems with the last query.
The code works except for the last query. This shows me the fact that when I start it on my phone, the default function of the down key is non-functional.

I just have no idea how to query it in javascript.

The scene variable starts with 0.
I only used it for testing.
Perhaps one could create an extension from “onVolumeDownKeyDown” and from “volumeupKeyDown”.
Or maybe you could extend the BackButton function.