Android sharesheet and share image


I was wondering if it’s possible to access the Android sharesheet and share an image via the sharesheet? (as described here Sending simple data to other apps  |  Android Developers)

I’m guessing some sort of JavaScript is required (I’m fairly ok with JS), would I need to know anything else in particular? Would anyone be able to describe the steps I could take? Considering that the code on the Android website is for JAVA and Kotlin?

It would be great to know this, as I would like to also use a similar approach for the Leaderboard on play store.

Any help is much appreciated.


There’s this, but as you’ll see down the page, not all browsers are supported:

I think the GDevelop Android apps use Chromium, so it should work in that case.

aah nice, thanks! I’ll have a look at it! :slight_smile: