Android Touchscreen Scrolling When It's Not Supposed To

When I test my prototype, the dragged Android screen scrolls up and down a tiny bit and shows a little portion of extra background at the bottom of the screen that I don’t want shown. It only does this scrolling problem on an Android phone when the screen is dragged. It displays perfectly and does not scroll up/down at all on an iPhone.

In my attached code, I Activated Full screen and kept Aspect Ratio to “Yes”, Centered Camera on background image, and set Enable Automatic Dragging on background to “No”. Screen Resolution is set to 640 x 960, the Properties are set to “change height to fit the screen or window size” and “Update during the game to fit screen or window size” set to “Yes”. Minimum FPS is 20, Maximum FPS is 60, Anti aliasing set to “No”, orientation set to “Portrait”

Please help so the screen stops scrolling when dragged on the Android phone when I don’t want it to scroll :sob: