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Any chance that games can be exported to suit the “Android TV”-platform, at some point?
Game seems to work fine already (except for some problems with game controllers) when side loaded into Android TV.

Would be nice if the play store could recognise the apk’s as “Android TV” or leanback apps.


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Ok, if anybody is interested:

I’ve tried to make my game “Android TV” compatible by using the Cordova plugin “cordova-plugin-android-tv”.

I am using to build the app, because I can’t get Cordova working on my machine.

To use the plugin, export your game from GD by exporting to Android and ios (manual), and simply add this to your config.xml:

After building the app, it can be side loaded on your “Android TV”-device, and will show as a true “leanback” application.

Unfortunately, I have not found out how to add the Android TV-“banner” to the .apk. Also, I havn’t tested if the app is accepted as a leanback app in Google Play.

If anybody has some tips regarding adding the 320x200 tv-banner to the .apk, It would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


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Any news regarding this topic? have you found a good way to do it?

Since GDevelop has an option to export to android what you do is install the gamepads extension to your project and insert blocks to do what they do when certain thing happens with gamepad then when complete export to android then transfer the .apk to your android tv then install it then connect an xbox or playstation controller to it then you’re done. Its just that you cant get the banner to show.

Sorry this is not tidy