Android Virtual Keyboard Issue

I have tried the android virtual keyboard but when i start my app on my phone i cant tap on the screen, the keyboard doent looks to trigger and also i cant touch any other button.

I want the android virtual keyboard pop up when i touch the white box

Did you add the behavior to the text entry object?
This works for me:

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I added the behaviour here in this object. Maybe my code is bad can i use yours ? Thanks you

Help yourself! :grin:
Actually, the first line is not needed, it’s activated by default. :slight_smile:

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I used your code but still not working, virtual keyboard dont pop up and all buttons are blocked cant touch anywhere. Can be maybe because i have diferent extension? yours looks diferent than mine.

Can you provide me a link with the right extension?

Sorry for the delay. I got it from the extension library, directly in GDevelop.