Animate a character effectively - jittering?


I’m animating my character to walk, jump, fall, hover, and fly, and shoot but I seem to run into a snag each time I switch to an animation that isn’t idle, walk, or shoot (on the ground) my screen and character jitters - displaces the character by a number of pixels to make it and the screen appear to flicker back and forth. I know this has something to do with image size, origin, and points; but can’t seem to find a resource that points me in the right direction for a fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

All your images must be the same size in pixels.
If they are, your problem is an animation conflict. You have several events trying to set a different animation at the same time.


you literally answered your own question.
If you make sure all your sprites have the same size and origin point, the issue should be fixed.
if you need different sized sprites, set the origin point of your sprites to the center.
if you problem still persists, it might be an animation conflict, as gruk mentioned.

often the hitboxes of the objects can be a reason too, but those usually occur when on the ground. so thats likely not the case, as you get issues while not on the ground.

if you have all your spites the same size, there is an option to set the points for all frames/animation at once.


Thank you both for the responses. I knew it has something to do with image, origin, and points, but my problem was misunderstanding what those actually did in relation to my image/animation.

Your answers better my understanding about how the whole works. I appreciate the clarifications!