Animated textures for particles

I thought if I wanted to mimic the explosion of an old game where you’re fighting the boss, and it explodes into many “fireballs” that I could do that with a particle emitter, however, the textured mode only appears to take a single image. If I wanted to do this I would have to create multiple sprite objects and do the math required to spawn the requisite explosion animations. A particle effect would be ideal for this, but only if I could animate the particles in textured mode.

I believe there is an example project on how to make particle explosions.

I wasn’t talking about particle explosions. I was talking about multi-frame animated particles, so I could do something like what I put in the original message.

Yes, I was referring to this:

Check the example.

To be more specific, Gruk means you don’t have to create multiple objects to have a common explosion via particles.

The particles themselves are creating shapes and a few different particle types via events rather than an animated sprite. Check out the particle effects demo to see how it is done there.

As far as I know Particles in PixiJS (the renderer and extension used for Particles) doesn’t support animated sprites natively, although looking at here PixiJS API Documentation there may be a way to have it render part of a spritesheet as a vertice and change the trim on a timer? It’d require spritesheet support first, I think.

My point wasn’t that I was asking how to do something. It was just the feature suggestion was to allow animated textures for particles. So if it doesn’t do this already (presuming we’ll never get this feature), is there a way to get the position of each particle? or does GDevelop not expose that?

To clarify:

My second response was me posting information on how it may be implemented if a contributor or developer may be able to implement it. Not something you’d be able to complete yourself.

As for your question, particles themselves are not logical objects exposed to events today. Just the particle generators are. The demo example I mentioned includes how he set up the geberators and events to do the explosions, which may help you in the interim.

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