Animating objects using pathfinding

Hello everyone, I’m making an isometric shooter. I set up a simple AI for enemies using pathfinding behavior similar to Hotline Miami (enemy objects have an object variable and a raycast to the player, according to which they switch their states: patrol, random change of position, pursuit, attack, etc.). I am having a problem with animating NPCs and enemies. I have looked for possible solutions for this problem in other topics on the forum, but it seems that no one has come up with an effective one. Is there any way to change the animation of several objects in the scene depending on the direction of their movement without having to create additional objects attached to them, and so on? Thanks.

Also, there is a short recording of my prototype in case you wandering. I like the overall pace and the feel of it, but i dont like this rigid top-down view, so now Im trying to change it to isometry.

In the current version, you can’t. But, fortunately a condition to check the angle of movement of path finding object has been added to GDevelop, [PathFinding] Add movement angle condition and expression by D8H · Pull Request #2737 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub. Expect it to be included in the next version

That’s nice, thanks.