Animation does not stop

atk_1 plays the animation non-stop and I can’t stop it in any way, neither when I close the code, nor even when I delete the animation, I even deleted gdevolp and downloaded the new version, it’s probably a bug I don’t know how to fix it

the only code that runs that animation

A deleted, non-existent animation will not be played.
Try it with only the X released condition for testing.
Maybe the loop checkbox is on?

To clarify Jack’s last comment, the loop checkbox is on the sprite’s animations settings :

loop closed animation plays non-stop even though there is no event to affect it

such a problem did not exist before one day I opened the program and it suddenly started happening. I was having such problems in gdevolp, it was enough to open and close the program, but it doesn’t work either.

Do you have events that change the animation from attack to something else? Did you delete or disable an event that could have caused this?

No, there is no such event. Even though I turned off all (character-related) events, this error continues. I can attach the files if it helps

Yes, please.

you can download it here the name of the file is “soluk_rüya” the names of the image files are in another language but in-game english hope this helps

Sorted :


Your issue is that you’ve got animation files with the same name, even though they’re in different directories. I guess GDevelop uses the file name, and not the file’s path when selecting the images to dislay for animations. Looking in the resources tab, I found this :






I renamed the files so they all had a unique file name, and that fixed it.

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Hi is a good practice to follow a namig concept Ex: MySprite or my_sprite, never use spaces or extrange characters when naming the files.
This is good: MySpriteIdle_1.png, MySpriteIdle_2.png
This is good: my_sprite_idle_1.png, my_sprite_idle_2.png
This is not good: My SpriteIdle 1.png, My Sprite Idle 2.png
This is not good: MÿSprite1.png, MÿSpriteIdle2.png because of the ÿ.

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I agree with Ulises. Overall, subfolders are not fully supported by GDevelop. You can use them, but you need to understand potential risks (such as filename conflicts like you’re seeing right now).

This is especially important, because when you build your game to an exe, electron-builder copies all resource files to a single flat folder and then merges it into a single .asar file. This could lead to file resources getting overwritten in the compiled game. I believe this is handled from an update last year, but the risk remains.


thank you so much for a moment i thought i wouldn’t fix it