Animation doesn't "play"

Hey there!

I’m currently working on an endscene of my little platformer game and have some problems.

The player climbs up a ladder and on top is a platform. There is a checkpoint and when he hits the checkpoint and his animation should change + an sprite should be shown, which was hidden before (this works without problems). Then, when the key “P” is pressed, the object and the checkpoint are getting deleted and the animation should change again - but this time with 4 frames on loop (it should looking like he is playing the bagpipe, his hands and feets are moving) but I always see just one frame of the animation and it doesn’t “play” while I press the key “P”.

I think it needs to be done just one time, “Trigger Once”, since right now you change the animation again and again while the P key is pressed.

Then you can use a P key release to change the animation back to idle.