Animation is glitching

How do I…

My crouching animation is glitching/bouncing and i’m not too sure what to do next, I’ve tried looking it up but i haven’t found anything similar. I’ve checked to make sure the collision box wasn’t in the floor, so now I’m stuck. any help would be appreciated.

When the crouch button is pressed the player will start off the ground but as soon as it falls and touches the ground it will bounce back up. if I move it down at all it will be in the ground.

Here are the conditions.

Here is a view of the collision masks.
Screenshot 2024-04-19 2.32.15 PM

I think the problem is with your collision mask, make sure at least one point of the mask touches the bottom of the white box that your player sprite is in
If it doesn’t touch, you will have a weird bounce whenever this animation plays

Okay thank you i will try this.

This seems to make my character teleport into the ground, The character is not stuck though. and it seems the bouncing is still happening.

I noticed that it does not bounce when the character is moving if that means anything.

I believe the problem is because in your events, first it’s checking if the player is on the floor → change animation to walking, then if shift is pressed → change animation to crouch. So the animation keeps changing back and forth between walking and crouching.

You need to add a condition to change the animation to walking if shift is NOT pressed.

Build your event like this:

player is on floor

      player is moving
      (Invert) shift is pressed → animation = walking

      shift is pressed → animation = crouching

Is this correct? If so I have no idea what’s going on.

I believe I fixed it, thank you everyone for your help!