Animation isn't changing

I think there is a bug in GDevelop 5 or it just might be in my game. Whenever I go into playing my game my player won’t do the walk animation or jump animation. I have tried all kinds of things. I have even messed with my code but still nothing.

At a guess, you have events that change animation a number of times. When you change an animation, GDevelop behaves in one of two ways. If the animation stays the same (so change to “walk” and it’s already “walk”), then GDevelop does nothing. But if the animation changes to a different one (like “walk” changes to “run”), then GDevelop will start the run animation from the first frame.

So somewhere in your events you are changing you animation before changing it to the other animations. If you can’t identify where this is happening, post a screen snip of the change animation events and we’ll help out.

Heres a video of all of my code for level one.

I didn’t see any event changing the animation when the movement keys are pressed. Are there other events not in the video? Otherwise, you’ll need to set the animations when an action key is pressed and you simulate a direction key pressed.

I think you should discard all code regarding the animations and just use the behavior: PlatformerCharacterAnimator.

The same happens to me