Animation Issues


After “coding” a few lines of code regarding damage and damage animations, my player continues on the angle forever after it touches one of the “Spikes”. It also never runs the damage animation. This is my “code”:


This is what happens when I preview it:

Additional Info:

Texture Pack: Pixel Adventure


 Behaviors: Health, Smooth Camera, Smooth Platformer Camera, Platformer Character Animator, Remap For Platformer, Platformer Object.

I tried to add some time in between, but that didn’t affect the outcome at all. I also tried to turn it into a temporary force, but then the character didn’t move at all. In the end, I tried removing all unnecessary lines, such as changing time scale, but that also had no affect on the outcome.

What is your question?

It takes you to a stack overflow link that includes my question and stuff

Put the question in this forum. That way it can be searched on by anyone else who may have a similar issue.

I agree with @MrMen we have this forum to answer your questions and help you with your queries. Not to open individual links and then to answer there and here. It can confuse alot of viewers.
You dont have any action to change the animation to hit in the subevent add it for the game to work.

Not only that, but the force applied is permanent. OP could make use of a tween instead.

Yeah i know that and so does he. Look closely at the picture when the animation is hit then all forces will be stopped meaning also the permanent one But since he had no set animation to hit action the player kept flying back
Are you ok @MrMen your not always like this???

Haha, yeah, I’m fine. I’m just dividing my attention between the forum and a work meeting I’m in at the moment. And I’m not good at multi-tasking :smiley:


Hey, srry. I’m sort of new to GDevelop. What’s OP?

OP is an acronym for Original Poster. It’s a phrase that’s common on message boards/forums.