Animation not triggering

I’m experimenting with variables, and there is something I am missing or don’t quite understand yet it seems.

I have 2 variables that will control the players punching combo animations:
IS_PUNCHING checks whether the player is in the punch state triggered by pressing the “X” button

PUNCH_COMBO decides which type of punch animation is played.

The idea is that each time the player presses the “X” button on the gamepad, IS_PUNCH is set to 1 and PUNCH_COMBO gets + 1, and if PUNCH_COMBO goes above 2 it resets back to 1, so the game alternates between punch animation 1 and 2.

Any thoughts on my mistakes?:

One of your conditions to change the value of the punch is that your character’s variable IS_PUNCHING, must be 0, which you change when the X button is pressed. The next time you press X, the variable is 1, so the event doesn’t happen.

Maybe a timer could be useful.

  • IF X button is pressed
    • Variable Punch = Punch+1
    • Reset Timer “Punch”
      • Character animation = Variable (Punch)

IF Timer “Punch” > .1 secs or Varaible Punch > 2

  • Variable Punch = 0

You can adjust the delay in the timer so the combo may take less or more time to work as a combo.

I hope it helps

While changing and playing animation, always use Trigger Once.

You also don’t need this action
unless you paused the Animation somewhere.